Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unusual and intriguingly artful

Wow. This chap is amazing. Not only is he creating gorgeous pieces of art. He's also keeping fit!
Talk about inspiring. I love when things come along that help me remember 'not everything is a reinvention'. There are new things out there still. (The little voice in my head is anticipating being told that in fact it's not unique... so do correct me if I'm wrong. Right now, I'm telling the little voice in my head to be very still).

So, "Mr Orrico's "Live Drawing" is contemporary and experimental. And Mr Orrico's art is beautiful.

He has been a dancer, which probably helps his incredible ability to be so balanced left to right and so graceful (I had a look at some videos on youtube), and has him able to create these works of art which he videos in four-hour sessions.

I would love to do this for a job. No doubt about it!!

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