Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I made wine from the lilac tree

Dr. Martens is celebrating their 50th anniversary. They asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track that represents the spirit of the people who’ve worn DM’s over the past 50 years.

One of the songs selected was The Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of the classic, “Lilac Wine,” made popular in the early 90s by Jeff Buckley.

Blind was asked to direct the video, which would not include talent, but was given no other creative parameters. Inspired by Spencerian Calligraphy this stunning video is the result.

Wonderfully inspiring video about photography competition results

Not just the photography that's inspiring. The simple idea of five little props is magic! And the video that captures it all is rather gorgeous. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The art of art... Misti, you are a legend.

Just stumbled upon Mstislav Pavlov's art. Wow. 

Here's a little about Misti (full name in his native Russian is Mstislav) Pavlov.

He was born in St. Petersburg (formerly) Leningrad, Russia in 1967. He started drawing and pastel painting when he was five years old. Immediately he was noted for his tremendous talent with color. Recognizing his abilities, his mother took him to the youth department of the world-famous Hermitage Museum, where Misti was accepted into the painting program for gifted children. The General Curator of the Hermitage, Professor B. Piotrovsky, saw Misti's paintings during an annual exhibition of the program and requested to become his teacher when Misti Pavlov was seven years old. At the age of nine he had his first solo exhibition at the museum’s art school entitled “Talent Has No Age”.

In 1979, Misti began extensive studies at the prestigious art school, organized by the Academy of Fine Art of St. Petersburg, acknowledging gifted children of the arts. At 17 Misti Pavlov was accepted as a student of the Academy, and the Academy President, Professor B. Uvarov, after the first year exhibition of the Academy students choose Misti as his personal student. Graduating valedictorian from the Academy, his graduate work consisted of a series of seven paintings titled "Porch", for which he received the award of the "Best Graduate of the Year".

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