Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buck. You are an inspiration.

This guy! He's so inspiring. So humble. Such a lovely soul. He had a hard time in life before he was twelve when he and his brother were taken away from his father who beat them. He is living proof that you don't have to become what your father was, and that a better life is possible for everyone. 

His story is gorgeous. I highly recommend it. This man, and this documentary makes the world a better place. 

It's also a film about horses, but it's not only a film about horses. It's a film about people and the way they chose to live life.

"God had him in mind when he made a cowboy."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Vocal phenomenon and stylings of tUnE-yArDs

I just got back from seeing Tune-Yards. Incredible!! This woman (Merrill Garbus from New England USA) is a phenomenon. She creates live drum loops, but more incredibly samples and loops her incredible vocal stylings in a way that creates some fantastic interesting, totally listenable, and entirely unique music (pop music never sounded so real!). 

I loved the gig. This video captures the vibe well. Merrill totally loves what she's up to, great to see such talent and such unique stylings doing so well. No perfect pitch adjustments here! No need! 

Love it. 


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